Graphic Design Case Study: Identity and Packaging for Garden Center

Graphic Design Case Study: Identity and Packaging for Garden Center Enjoy the elegant packaging design and bright, atmospheric illustrations developed by tubik agency as a part of the brand identity for the garden center.
Graphic Design Case Study: Identity and Packaging for Garden Center

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow,” Audrey Hepburn once said, and whatever changes times bring, this idea lives through them. This graphic design and digital art project by tubik is also inspired by the beauty of flowers, leaves, and blossoming nature. Check the stylish and elegant packaging design and a set of bright, atmospheric illustrations developed as a part of the brand identity concept for the garden center and a plant nursery selling plants and gardening stuff.

The design process for the project included three creative tasks:

  • logo design and brand color palette
  • a consistent set of original brand illustrations for diverse marketing goals online and offline
  • packaging design

Identity and Packaging

The logo design for the project presents the combination mark in which the symbol echoes botanical motifs elegantly organized in a square shape, and the typographic part sets a strong visual connection with it using the same leaf shape as a part of the letter. The color palette features the domination of earthy natural colors, with different shades of warm, eye-pleasing brown for backgrounds and contrastive bright blue, green, yellow, and other shades for accents and details, distinguishing different products and goods by color marking. This approach can be seen in a variety of packaging design items.

garden center logo design tubik

plant nursery identity packaging design 2

garden center boxes design tubik

round box packaging design tubik

plant nursery identity packaging design tubik

plant nursery identity packaging design box lids

garden center branded tote design tubik

Brand Illustrations

The consistent set of illustrations developed for the project features a variety of people and characters holding different plants or dealing with gardening routines. Digital artworks of this kind add a solid human element to brand communication and make it more emotional. They can be effectively used for a variety of marketing goals, from printed branded graphics such as posters, banners, cards, and stickers to packaging design such as various branded boxes and bags, to digital communication on a website, hero images, landing pages, and social media posts. The consistency of the visual approach helps to create an integral customer experience and strengthens brand recognizability.

plant nursery brand illustration tubikarts

gardening website hero illustrations garden tubikarts

garden center illustration tubikarts

garden center brand illustration tubik arts

gardening shop illustration flourish tubikarts

plant nursery identity illustration tubikarts

New design case studies are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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