Communicate, Don't Just Decorate

Branding for Creative Entrepreneurs

Grow Your Visual Brand

Brad Blackman founded Chrome47 because he thinks good design should be like a smoothie: tasty, valuable, and easy to consume.

He helps entrepreneurs visually grow their brands by communicating instead of decorating. Make things look good, but with a purpose.

Brad designs book covers, email campaigns, magazines, websites, illustrations, and social media graphics for a variety of clients, primarily for creative professionals like Jeff Goins and Jeff Brown.

When he isn’t finessing logos or fine-tuning the perfect grid for a layout, Brad paints, drinks coffee, and spends time with his wife and three kids.

You're a Content Producer

If you're a writer, speaker, podcaster, photographer, or anyone else who creates content that moves people, I'm your man. I'll help you align your visuals to your message.

You're a Creative Entrepreneur

Your creative efforts are the backbone of how you serve people. Now it is time to take that to the next level with visuals that match your passion and brand.

What Are You Creating?

You Create Content

If you're a writer, a podcaster, speaker, or any other kind of content creator, a cohesive visual system will get your brand and message out to the world.

Content Branding Packages

You Create Events

If you're putting together an event, whether it's online or in-person, I can create the visuals you need that will make it memorable.

Event Branding Packages

You Create Solutions

You have a great product or service that changes lives, but until you look like you mean business, no-one will take you seriously. I'll help you level up.

Business Branding Packages