I recently uncovered an older thread on Drawar regarding Clients From Hell, and it looks like a good discussion.

I see both sides of the issue: that we all need a place to vent, but you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Granted, it’s fun to chuckle from time to time about some of the ridiculous things you hear (“why won’t the animated GIF move when I print it?”), but like I said, you should be nice to the people who pay your bills. I’ve never met a designer who hasn’t been frustrated at some point. Why do you think they gather at the local watering hole and “talk shop” — where “talking shop” is really code for griping about one thing or another?

I guess my take is this: find a way to vent, but don’t jeopardize your business. Or just tweet “#meow” as my friend Kate likes to do when she’s frustrated.

Just don’t make a habit of venting too much; it’s not good for you. Find a way to move on.

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