Are you using the right tool for the job?
Are you using the right tool?

There are lots of tools available to marketers these days: social media, direct mail, print ads, billboards, TV spots, websites, landing pages, blogs, promotional products, giveaways, coupons, “99ยข,” high design, low design, hard sell, soft sell, etc.

The list goes on.

A lot of times it’s easy to get caught up in using the same tool for everything. You get comfortable with a certain tool or format and forget that it’s not always the best one for this situation. These tools aren’t one-size fits all.

Billboards are great for stimulating the impulse to go eat at a restaurant down the street, and second-screen advertising is great for spurring people to buy the soundtrack to the show that’s on TV right now.

An ad campaign in national print magazines can generate some great creative work, but if you’re trying to sell something to Millennials you’re better off advertising on Facebook.

Likewise, if you’re marketing to Boomers, you might be better off airing TV commercials that tout your product’s time-saving benefits. You might also want to mention how it will create envy among their friends. The Boomers I know aren’t that into social media, but they like to watch dramas on TV.

Can you think of appropriate or inappropriate marketing and marketing tool usage?

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