Andrew Duthie likes to tinker with things. Computers, cars, gadgets, you name it.

He also loves motorcycles. So it only made sense to open up a motorcycle repair shop.

First, he needed a logo. So I made him something Art Deco-inspired, an owl to signify thoughtful or wise motorcycle repair. Seriously, Andrew is something of a zen wizard when it comes to fixing bikes.

So of course his new logo went on a business card, with a tiny box wrench and “thoughtful repair” on the back.


A few weeks after I completed his logo and business card, Andrew asked me if I did websites. He can write code, but he’s not a designer. (I think his degree is actually in engineering.) Of course, and I can do it in WordPress, too, so you can put a blog on it and update your hours should they change or whatever.

So I created a simple WordPress site to have basic information about the shop. It also features a blog for Andrew to share stories about the bikes he works on. Sometimes he writes about his motorcycle trips.