A few years back, my good friend James Henley told me had some events planned for his youth group, and he needed some posters to promote them. This kicked off one of the funnest projects I’ve ever worked on.

Once he gave me his overall vision for the project, I started doing some sketches, and quickly eliminated the ideas I didn’t think would work.

From there it was a matter of developing the ideas further and establishing an overall cohesive look for the posters. The set for Fall 2011 fit together really well.

I employed a minimalist illustration aesthetic combined with a trendy texture approach to directly communicate what each poster was about.

While the Fall 2011 posters had something of a”handmade gig poster” feel, the 2012 Spring Break Ski Trip poster took a little bit different approach. It has more of a “1950s International Style” approach. When you design a ski poster, how can you not pay homage to the strong traditions of Swiss ski posters?

I did make sure to mix it up a bit and give a cool halftone dot effect to the skier.

Poster: Youth Spring Break Ski Trip

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