Designer Translation Monkey

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Last month on Freelance Switch’s Freelance Freedom comic strip, N.C. Winters published a cartoon titled “Client Translation Monkey.” It’s funny since it underscores the disconnect and language barrier between designers and their clients. The language barrier goes both ways: Designers are mystified by what clients are talking about, and clients scratch their heads trying to … Read More

The 300-word promise

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Leo Babauta is something of a minimalist guru. He wrote The Power of Less and runs the successful Zen Habits blog, and his theme is that of self-improvement through simplifying and minimizing. A while back, he posted a manifesto of sorts in the 400 word promise. It’s my goal to aim for 300-400 words in … Read More

Who is Your Community?

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Growing up, I was aware that I was part of different groups or communities. I had one group of friends at school, and another group at church, and then various friends around the neighborhood. There was a little overlap, but not a lot. When I got to college, the groups got larger and more diversified. … Read More

Grid Basics

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Using grids in graphic design is nothing new. Gothic scribes used grids in their books, and the Egyptians often lined up their hieroglyphic writing in vertical columns. In fact, columns are probably the easiest and fastest way to create a grid system, regardless of whether text is written laterally or vertically. The point is to … Read More

Why WordPress?

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I like WordPress. I’m not the powerhouse WordPress guy that my friend Mitch Canter is, but I like it enough to make the claim that it’s a great platform to use for a portfolio site such as this one. The reason is that it’s flexible enough for my intentions, to a point. Sure, some things … Read More

Design to Communicate

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I’m a big proponent of the phrase “Communicate, don’t decorate.” All to often I see designers get all artsy-fartsy with their work, making choices based purely on whim or mood. In my professional opinion, that’s not very professional.

Building a Hierarchy in Design

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According to the Dictionary widget on my Mac’s Dashboard, a hierarchy is a system or organization in which people or groups are ranked one above the other according to status or authority In other words, it’s a system where it’s clear that one thing is more important than another. So how do you establish an … Read More