Working with the Chrome47 process


First of all, we have to get to know each other and discuss what you want your site, logo, or printed material to accomplish. We will sit down and talk in person, on the phone, or on a videoconference to review a thorough questionnaire that reveals what your business is about.


Hundreds of research-driven sketches are boiled down to the ones with the most potential. There are usually about three viable concepts that will be roughed out as composite designs or wireframes to establish basic concepts. This is probably the longest stage of the process.


Once the wireframe or composite concept is approved, the design is refined and fleshed out. This is where colors, photos, and fonts are finalized and tweaks are made. With solid communication, two to three rounds of revisions is usually sufficient.


Final files are sent upon receipt of final payment, thus closing the project. This may mean a file gets emailed, a website goes live, or art is sent to a printer. While the project may be complete, it’s good to follow up and make sure the end product works as advertised. Does the work communicate clearly? We all want to be proud of our work.


An initial 50% is required to start the project. The remainder is due within 30 days of completion of the project and receipt of final invoice. Final files will be remitted upon receipt of final payment. Necessary materials such as existing logos or photos, shall be sent at the same time as initial payment. There is a 3% interest charge per 14-day period on late invoices.



What can we do for you?

Web Design

Your website visitors need to know what they are looking at and why they are there. For the past 15 years, we have approached web design in accordance with modern standards and and trends with an emphasis on clear communication.

Book Covers/Page Layout

Whether it's on Amazon or a retail shelf, a book's design should grab you by the lapels and demand that you read it. Compelling imagery, dynamic typography, and actually knowing what your book is about are key to designing a cover that is clear to potential readers.


What does your logo say about you and your business stand for? Does it clearly explain who you are and what you are about? Chrome47 can clearly convey this on everything from stationery to trucks to PowerPoint slides.



Chrome47 is based on the philosophy of designing things that make sense. When you see a Chrome47 logo, website, book cover, or any other project, you should instinctively "get it."

Chrome47 is run by Brad Blackman, a graphic designer with nearly 15 years of agency and in-house experience in healthcare and publishing for print and web.

Strengths include solid internal and external communication skills, adapting to change, and staying on top of design trends for both print and interactive.


Brad Blackman

I believe in the essence of visual communication: combining seemingly unrelated things using images and typography to convey a specific message. My two main design philosophies are "communicate, don't decorate" and "delight and inform." I want to effectively communicate while putting a smile on people's faces, or otherwise touching their hearts.


Way back in the day, Brad Blackman used "chrome47" as a handle for various websites here and there. The "chrome" part comes from the title of William Gibson’s collection of short stories, Burning Chrome. (Sci-fi and cyberpunk are big around here.) The number 47 is supposedly the "quintessential" random number. It shows up frequently in a number of sci-fi shows and films.